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Custom e-learning system

…. the site that provides the space empowering you to build your own on-line learning website quickly and easily. No IT skills required.
Whether you plan to deliver e-learning; on-line training, on-line tutorials, coaching, run an on-line CPD event, show a safety video, or want to disseminate information to users and collect proof positive that the information has been read then Meta Train Pro will meet your needs.

Use Meta Train Pro, to create your own e-learning website.
Re-brand Meta Train Pro, quickly and easily to reflect your needs.
Use every day authoring tools, such a PowerPoint or Word, for example, to design new material; or
Upload existing learning material which can consist of PowerPoint slides, images, infographics pages, diagrams, movie clips and PDF files;
Run and manage on-line tutorials, events or meetings using your favourite meeting management system (Teams, Zoom, Skype).
Link a quiz / on-line assessment, if required, using a range of question formats.
Add an acknowledgement in the form of a certificate, license, or pass, etc.


You can use Meta Train Pro free of charge for the first seven registrations. That means that if you only have a single package and you need to disseminate
the one package to only 7 users, then you can use
Meta Train Pro free of any charges. You are still free to charge a commercial fee for your package.


FREE  Access to Meta Train Pro, the cloud based, low maintenance, system empowering the creation of your own e-learning platform.
FREE Complimentary pack of seven registrations allowing seven people to access your package at no cost. You are free to charge a commercial fee for your package.
FREE  Complimentary pack allowing you to enter 1 package. Although we will not charge for this package, you are free to charge a commercial fee which will be paid to you by your users, if required.
FREE  Personal management console with unique link which only you and your users will use.
FREE Tools to customise Meta Train Pro to reflect your branding.
FREE Tools empowering you to build or upload your packages.
FREE  Package uploader permitting the upload of an unlimited number of training packages with no expiry date - unless you set one.
FREE Certificate design and management tools
FREE Account management tools.
FREE On-line payment portal powered by PayPal. Collect any fee payments you make through YOUR PayPal account. *PayPal fees will apply.

What does Meta Train Pro cost?


If you use Meta Train Pro to only deliver one package for no more than seven users, then you will not pay anything – you can use the system FREE.
Meta Train Pro is a ‘pay as you go’, cloud based system designed to provide you with a custom e-learning platform cost effectively ensuring a rapid and maximised return on your investment (ROI). There are no subscription fees. You only pay for what you need.

If you require more than the seven FREE registrations, then you can purchase packs of registrations which are available in packs of 25 registrations.  You can purchase as many packs as you need at any time.

One registration pack permits 25 registrations. You can order any number of 25 user registration packs on an ‘as needed’ basis, at any time.
One registration will be used when a user registers for a single package. Users can access a package as many times as they wish until it has been completed. If the package has a renewal date, then a further pre-paid registration will be required when the user resits the package.
A registration pack does not expire. There is no time limit to use up your pack of registrations.

You can upload your first package on the system at no cost

If you need to add further packages, then each additional package will be charged on an annual basis. The current fee is £100.00 per year*.


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monetarizing your packages - Smart Returns

You are free to charge your users a fee for using your packages. If you do not set a fee, then your users can access your packages for free.
Collect any fees you set using the PayPal portal provided with Meta Train Pro allowing payments to be made using a range of payment options with payments being made directly into your PayPal account. Alternatively, collect your money by any other means – it’s up to you.

white page corporate branding

Quickly add you own logo, corporate image or branding through the management console supplied with Meta Train Pro and that is what your users will see.
Rename Meta Train Pro to reflect your requirements, for example, whilst we believe the primary use of Meta Train Pro will be as a Training Management System (TMS)
you might rebrand it as a Learning Management System (LMS) or a Document Delivery System, On-line Meeting management system, Assessment and Accreditation system or, whatever you feel is appropriate.

Meta Train Pro will display your branding whenever your users access the system via your own dedicated user link.

Smart Packages - Driven by your content

The content entered into Meta Train Pro is bundled into ‘packages’, and a package can consist of a slide show, a video, an on-line meeting, tutorial, or other on-line event followed by a quiz / on-line assessment and an acknowledgement in the form of a certificate, license, or pass, it’s up to you.

Slide show Presentations

Design your packages using the world’s most popular authoring tools, for example PowerPoint and Word. PowerPoint can be accessed directly from Meta Train Pro and presentations created can either be saved or exported from PowerPoint either as movie clips or PNG graphic slides.
Use pre-existing material if you prefer; simply select and drop your mix of PowerPoint slides, images, video clips, infographics images, diagrams, and pdf files into the system and
re-arrange them into the order you require.
Set a renewal date if the slide show will require repeating in the future.
Users can pause a slide show presentation at any time and return to the same point later.

On-line events, tutorials, meetings, webinars, etc.

Set up a meeting using your favourite meeting provider software (Teams, Zoom, Skype, etc.) and enter the link into the package design screen. Set a start and end date/time together with a fee, if required, and let your users know by, for example, publishing the event on your web site including your special user link to Meta Train Pro Users can then register for the event ahead of the meeting time and will join the event through Meta Train Pro when the event becomes available.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Whether you use self-guided learning or set up a a multiple presenter on-line CPD event, Meta Train Pro is ideal for providing Continuing Professional Development (CPD). CPD credits can be associated with your package and the credits can appear on the acknowledgement of attendance. Worth considering recording the event and then uploading the video as a slide show in Meta Train Pro for users who perhaps couldn’t attend the original meeting.

Add an on-line quiz or assessment

Develop on-line quizzes using the built-in design tools. Choose from multiple choice, odd-man-out, True/False, Yes/No, hot spot questions, re-ordered lists, or free text formats. Lineate questionnaires for surveys can also be added.
Add an image or a video clip to your question. Set your marks – multiple outcomes can be entered (e.g., pass, distinction, merit), set your rules e.g., allow users to return to previous questions, force an answer to a question, set a time limit on a question or the entire quiz, allocate a mark or partial mark where only a portion of a question is complete. Decide whether the questions can be marked automatically and for each question whether you want the user to include supporting notes or documentation. Also decide how many attempts you will allow for this assessment.

A quiz may contain just one question and the questionnaire is often used to present a Yes/No question; Did you view and understand the material? On answering Yes, you effectively have a signed statement that the information has been delivered. A great aid to compliance.


Reward your users by adding an acknowledgement in whatever form you choose, e.g., certificate, license, or pass. Design the front of your certificate in Word, for example, leaving space for information to be overprinted by Meta Train Pro – learner name, certificate title, level obtained, issue number, award date, expiry date, etc.
Save your design as a pdf and then upload it into Meta Train Pro Very professional and very straightforward.

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Smart Driver

The powerhouse behind Meta Train Pro is the popular Redkite Systems e-learning system, which has, to date, delivered over 3,000,000 e-learning packages in a variety of formats, to users in 20 countries. Working 24x7x365, the system is both robust and reliable and has been subject to oversight inspections and audits by many regulatory bodies around the world.
Your packages will be delivered to any internet connected device on demand and your packages that will look great on any device.

smart management console

Managing your packages on Meta Train Pro is a breeze as most processes are automated.
On registration for an account, you will be allocated a personal management console through which you manage all aspect of your system, through design and build, registrations, certification, renewals, and payments. We provide you with a unique and secure link to your console to which nobody else has access.

registrations / booking

You will be issued with your own unique user link which will allow your users access to your packages.  You can pass this link on to your users directly – they will only see your system and your packages. Add the link to your web site, if required.

You decide whether individuals need to be approved prior to using your packages. If approval is required, you will be notified when an individual registers for a package and you will need to approve the registration before the package can be accessed.

The approval process is amazingly simple and can be carried out on a smart phone.

user records

On completion of the package a record is automatically created so you know who has undertaken your packages.

Meta Train Pro only stores the minimal users’ details, details of the package undertaken, and any certificate issued.

The system will alert you to any renewals becoming due and an email will be sent to the user in a timely manner.


You can quickly view details of all transactions on your account.

Smart Driver

Quick and simple to set up

Design packages using the world’s most popular authoring tools, for example, PowerPoint, and Word.
Use pre-existing material if preferred, simply select your mix of PowerPoint slides, images, video clips and pdf files and load them into the system using the Meta Train Pro Slide Show uploader and then re-arrange them into the order you require.
Your smart packages that will look great on any device.

Reach customers anywhere, anytime

Meta Train Pro delivers your packages over the internet which are accessed by your users via a web browser on any device, at any time, at any location.
Nothing is installed or held on the remote device.

Re-use your training packages time and again

The same package, which can consist of a presentation, on-line questionnaire, and acknowledgement in the form of a certificate, license or pass can be re-used as often as is needed.
Changes can be easily made, if required.

Intuitive and easy

For Users

For most users all they need do is enter their log In details to gain access to the packages they need.

for Designers

Content designers love the fact that they can develop new training material in PowerPoint or Word or re-use material they have previously designed.
Managers love the simplicity of this paperless system with its automated processes.

for managers

Managers love the simplicity of this paperless system with its automated processes.

SMART security

Rest assured; we take the security of your information very seriously.
Your information is securely held on dedicated, secure hosted servers in two separate, secure data centres located in London, England which are managed on our behalf by Rackspace, a respected hosting services provider accredited to ISO 27001.
No other user has access to your accounts. All information held on the system is encrypted in transit with sensitive, personal information also encrypted at rest. Your data is backed up daily and we a have full disaster recovery system in operation.

what can I use meta train pro for?

Meta Train Pro is extremely flexible and can be used for a wide variety of activities. Whilst we don’t wish to be prescriptive, common uses in the past have been:

  • Delivering compliance training material with an on-line assessment to workers in safety critical sectors; for example, airport fire and rescue, civil defence and civic fire and rescue, military firefighting, oil and gas sector, nuclear sector, commercial organisations with operations in dangerous environments where it is critical that personnel understand safety regulations.

  • Disseminating policy documents in the form of pdf files to both internal and external employees to ensure they have received, read and understood critical policies. The system can provide proof positive that documents has been read by individuals.

  • Providing safety certificates / licenses / passes to workers who may visit a safety critical site from a third-party organisation where it is a requirement that visitors have proof, they have received the required safety training and have a current license or pass. Typical examples are GSAT and ASAT training for airports but could apply to any sector.

  • Managing license renewals

  • Undertaking periodic assessments to ensure personnel have retained safety critical information


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